3WEB3 - 3 Links to the Best Web 3 Content (April 18th)

The best Web 3 content (according to DappaDan) of the week!

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Many people around the world have just celebrated Easter. A common easter tradition is hunting down eggs (usually full of candy/presents) and collecting them in a basket. This newsletter is me hunting down all the good Web 3 content and sharing it with you in my basket.

Here is the most inspirational, educational, and entertaining Web 3 content I consumed last week.



Creator: Dhaiwat Pandya - @dhaiwat10

Title: How my DAO experience changed my life - leaving home for the first time with Developer DAO for EthDubai

Link: bit.ly/3xBSC5u

People talk a lot about how Web 3 will change society. While I will save that talk for another post, I think its really interesting to see Web 3 change individuals' lives. Developer DAO has probably been unmatched in enabling people to take opportunities in Web 3 (myself included). Dhaiwat's article really illustrates how a person can go from "doing miserable random freelance gigs for pocket money" to leaving home for the first time to the capital of luxury, Dubai.



Creator Dan Robinson @danrobinson and Georgios Konstantopoulos @gakonst

Title: Ethereum is a Dark Forest

Link: bit.ly/3MgCHgK

I am a big fan of anyone diving into Web 3 and learning to develop smart contracts. I am a bigger fan of people learning about vulnerabilities and contract security almost as soon as they start learning Solidity. What's different between learning HTML/JS and learning Solidity is that you might deploy a hobby app that you made while learning JS and no one will use it. When you deploy a smart contract to mainnet, its a very public and people (or bots) will look at it. This article is very well written even if you don't know all the technical details. It should either inspire you to learn more about this type of attack or perhaps scare you a bit (but hopefully not too much) about what's out there.

Bonus Material: A more recent thread on this from Colin4ward - twitter.com/Colin4ward/status/1514043953904..


Creator: Nilay Patel - @reckless


Link: bit.ly/3ryH6ns

I normally don't promote any content that is VC / "Thought Leader" heavy. I feel VC's are certainly a necessary evil in Web 3 and I hope we make as a community still maintain better autonomy than our Web 2 counterparts. That being said, this was a very entertaining interview! Nilay did a great job on pushing further on some of Chris's claims of Web 3 in a productive way. I also think Chris's responses were for the most part pretty solid. Great material for anyone on the fence on what is possible with Web 3.

That's it folks, see you next week for more Web 3 goodness!